8.1 Changelog

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8.1 Changelog

2 weeks ago

Changelog for version 8.1 :

Overhaul :

-reworked several spellsets

-hero glow for several heroes with unit models

-some major changes concerning the Illidari and Belves

-added a -solo command that shares control of all other units with you (only in testing versions, ask me in PM for it)

Red :

-Palace Guard's For Lordaeron spell no longer cast all at once (now one by one) and also grants 5 hp regeneration for the duration

Blue :

Teal :

-removed food cost on Legion's Felhounds and Bloodfiends

Purple :

-reduced the food cost of all Scourge's spellcaster (except Necrolords) by 1 and removed food cost on Ghoul

-new model for Underlord unit

Orange :

Yellow :

Green :

Pink :

-Overhaul draenei buff, Arcane Master replaced with Rangari, new Shaman unit

-Buffed Velen stats and replaced his ulti with Agony of the Light (Starfall)

-Replaced Exarch's "Exile" ability with Arcane Protection (Grants 7 armor to all surrounding allies for 30 seconds) and "Healing Wave" with "Healing Rune" (ward)

-Replaced Velen's "Far Sight" ability with a more powerful version of "Divine Punishment" as Q ability but granted him a non-lvlable Far Sight ability

-Illidari's color set back to Pink as Emerald will be required soon for another faction

-Fel Horde and Draenei path locked for the first 10 minutes of the game

-removed Low Morale and Unifier of the Illidari-removal events

-Burning Blades Blademaster can now be trained from Fortresses aswell

-When activated, Kargath's spell "Berserk" now have him receiving from 50 to 20% additional damage (additional damage received decrease by 5% each level)

-Replaced Akama's "Healing Wave" with Entangling Roots

Gray :

-New spell for Earthern Ring Shamans : Fire Totem, similar to Flametongue Wards

-Reworked Cairne and Hamuul's abilities after noticing how stupid their spellsets were (better late than never...) Cairne new spellset : Shockwave, War Stomp, Warrior's Spirit Aura, Undying Will, Reincarnate Hammuul new spellset : Entangling Roots, Summon Elder Treants, Starfire, Thorns Aura, Nature's Wrath

-Lvl 10 Cairne's event now grants Baine demi-hero that will become a full hero at lvl 6. Baine has the following spells : Hurl Axe (Stormbolt), Baine's Warband (summons), Peaceful Nomad (unholy aura) and Avatar

-Removed the gold reward on Grimtotem units

Light Blue :

Dark Green :

Brown :

Dark Blue :

Dark Red :

-Reduced Agony of the Light's damage from 75/s to 50/s

-Royal Guardian's Feedback replaced with Arcane Shock (Bash)

-Mu'ru now grants the "Power Overload" aura (Command Aura 20%) as long as he is held captive by the Belves

-Belves now may refill some of Muru's mana by completing a research in SIlvermoon for 250 gold and 500 wood (restores 500 mana)

-added 3 Elven docks within Quel Thalas from start
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Re: 8.1 Changelog

2 weeks ago

Can you put test version also. Thx. Cant actually find how to pm to you cuz im dumb. Sorry)))
And u need bug tread)

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Re: 8.1 Changelog

1 week ago

Indeed a bug thread would be useful :D

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