Plans for 8.x versions

The Alliance and the Horde clash for control of Azeroth while darker forces lurk about.
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Plans for 8.x versions

2 weeks ago

Hi everybody,

Two points I wanted to announce :

1. Lately, it appeared that the battle for Kalimdor seemt really difficult for the Alliance and much Horde-favored (which was planned and intended) but in order to make it more interesting and slightly more balanced, I'd like to introduce you ladies and gentlemen the Druids faction that will now join the Alliance !
There was only so much lore and heroes for Druids that it makes much sense to make them a whole faction and could not possibly be a "side-faction" any longer.
They shall start separated from their Sentinels faction by a stronger Azgalor to give some time to the Horde to prepare their answer.
It should make NE's experience much smoother and way more interesting.

2. As I was working on the highly requested "Betrayal Path" (Ragnaros, Onyxia, Hakkar, Risen etc...) and especially on the Dark Iron Ragnaros one, I realized that It would make much more sense to work first on the faction that loves nothing more than betrayal and the chaos that ensues namely the Old Gods.
So instead of working on those path you requested, you'll have to be patient and wait for that new faction to be out, since it will be needed for the "betrayal" mechanic I plan to add in.

On the other hand I'll be working on small "solo" path that are meant to grant players whose team left/was decimated to get an increased food limit and slightly more powerful heroes. The first 2 factions to benefit from this will be Gilneas and Kul Tiras as they can easily be isolated from Alliance should Stormwind fail and fall.

So to sum it up, we're getting up to 16 players, with tentacle and zoophilous factions that should hopefully make DAOW Reborn's experience ever more interesting and fun to play.
Thanks for reading.

Best regards,

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