8.05 Changelog

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8.05 Changelog

3 weeks ago

Changelog for version 8.05 :

Overhaul :

-new locations : Uther's Tomb, Grom'gol Base Camp

-new icon for Improved Training

-fixed several crash/bugs

Red :

-Brigitte replaced with High General Abbendis at start, Brigitte now comes with Onslaught path

-Scarlet Onslaught now unlocked only after Alex's death, just like Argent Dawn

Blue :

Teal :

Purple :

-new Scourge unit : the Underlord, a mighty melee unit (1800 hp) with Spiked Carapace and Cleave, cost 41 gold and 5 food, limited to 6.

-new Scourge unit : Necrolords, powerful spellcaster (750 hp) that can use Forked Death (Forked Lighting), Scream of Chaos (Howl) and Flesh Harvest (parasite with abom), cost 33 gold and 3 food, limited to 6

-new model and icon for Scholo Cultist

Orange :

-New secret quest (The Agony of the Light) that may award a hero if completed

Yellow :

Green :

Pink :

-Fel Horde path should now work properly

-Dark Shamans' Fel Armor now grants additional armor (7) but damages the unit over time (just like in WC2)

-Warlocks' Cripple removed

Gray :

Light Blue :

Dark Green :

Brown :

-Brown's Grom'gol Base Camp in Stranglehorn Vale reworked and given a named base

Dark Blue :

-Killing Sepulcher now awards a new base and a special anti-undead unit tied to it

Dark Red :

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