Lordaeron: The Foremath Dark Horde Guide

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Lordaeron: The Foremath Dark Horde Guide

1 month ago

Faction Intro

You are the corrupted orcs of the Dark Horde that are in Azeroth and Outland. Your armies are made of dragons , orcs, trolls and demons.
Your start position is secure as you start in Outland and Azeroth at the same time , your melee and air are one of the strongest in game and your heroes are really strong generaly. Your bases look like this.
blackrock.png (1.64 MiB) Viewed 55 times
Hellfire Citadel
hellfire.png (2.19 MiB) Viewed 55 times
Black Temple
black temple.png
black temple.png (1.77 MiB) Viewed 55 times
Kargath Bladefist: Q, Crippling Axe[Storm Bolt] , W Mighty Blows[Cleave], E Warchief Aura [Thors Aura], R A Hundred Kills [Drunken Brawler], T Empowered Blades[makes Kargath attack faster and gives him lifesteal]
-Focus on Q and E

Rend BlackHand: Q Dark Servitude [Resurection], W Champions of Blackrock, E Resistant Aura [Devotion Aura], R Siege Strike (Aoe Around Rend for Limited time). T Unholy Shield [Divine Shield]
-Focus on W and E
Voone: Q Serpent Wards , W Searing Attacks , E Trueshot Aura ,R Locust Swarm.
-Focus on Q and E

• Magtheridon : Q Annihilan Blade [Fan of Knifes], W Fel Blood (Aoe Heal , works on only own units), E Enthrall minions [Aoe Bloodlust that works only on own units], R Siege Monster [Avatar that makes his attacks do Siege Aoe Damage] ,T Obliterate [Aoe Stun]
-Focus W and E

• Nefarian: Q Fiery Blast [Acid Bomb] , W Incinerate, E Devour Magic ,R Doom (Aoe Stun).

Unlocked with Illidari Path

Illidan Stormrage: Q Gifs of Sargeras (An Effect similar to the Crown), W Abyssal Infeno, E Immolation Aura, R Metamorphosis.
-Focus Q and W

Varedis Felsoul: Q Fel Eruption[Forked Lighting], W Evasion, E Battle Frenzy [Lifesteal Aura], R Demon soul( Shield that nulifys all damage and makes your hero attack and move 30% faster)

Elites: Three types of Elites, The starting Shattered Hand Chosen which have: Q Roar, W Taunt, E Healing Salve, T Empowered Blades ,the Pit Lords which have: Cleave, W Fel Breath, Howl of Terror, R Death Pact. T Explode (Does Friendly Damage Also) and the Demon Hunters which have: Q Fel Heal , W Evasion, E Mana Burn, R Metamorphosis, T Spectar Sight [Reveal].
Barracks Units
• Fel Stalker : Q. Fel Burden (Autocast)[Web],Feedback [Passive].
• Outland Marauder.
• Dark Horde Scout: R Scout Mode
• Blackrock Champion
-I advice making mostly Blackrock Champions and ignoring other units.
Temple of the Dammed Units
• Felsworn: Q. Shadow Curse [Faerie Fire],W. Dispell Magic, E. Summon Fel Minion.
Unlocked with Upgrades
• Smoulderthorn Priest :. Feedback (Passive), W. Sentry Ward ,E. Healing ward.
• Illidari Warlock: Feedback(Passive, W Unholy Armor, E Healing Prism
-Felsworm is good for dispelling and The Priest is good a healing your army
Fel Workshop Units
• Catapult.
Unlocked with Upgrades
• Fel Core (can be picked up by Proto Dragons and Dropped).
• Zeppelin.
-I advice building only catapults
Beastery units
• Demoness: Q Close Wounds [Healing wave], W Fel Cloud [Cloud].
Unlocked with Upgrades
• Proto Dragon: E Pickup Fel Core.
• Firegut Ogres: Thick Skin(Passive),Firegut(Passive) [Immolation]
• Troll Batrider: Voodoo Stasis(Passive) ,Fire Oil(Passive)
-Demoness are amazing tools for your army and should be made asap
• You get a free base by killing all the creeps and capturing Kargath.

• You can get the sub faction of the Smoulderthorn Trolls, this unlocks:
1. A new caster type, the Smoulderthorn Priest
2. A new melee type, the Firegut Ogres
3. A new hero Voone

• When a Legion Hero enters Alterac Valley you get a Demi called Jubei‘thos with a small force of orcs.

• After Researching The Upgrade for Proto Drakes you can use a limited spawn of Nefarian from Blackrock mountain which is unreviable and last 1 minute.

• At Lvl 15 Rend can call Nefarian at the Blackrock mountain to become a permanent hero.

• You can summon The Pit lord Magtheridon with the upgrade Magtheridons Blood Pact,

• Can Research Demonic Supremacy to transform a few units to more demonic versions, like Blackrock Champions to Fel Riders (Slight buff in everything) , Catapults to Inferno Cannon (Can be upgraded with Infernal Ammunition to do aoe and more dmg,but attack slower) , and Shattered hand Elites to Pit Lords. This upgrade also unlocks Fel Cores.
-I advice getting this upgrade asap.

• If you are the Illidari and Archimonde as given you the mission you can open a portal to the Borean Tundra.

• If you are the Illidari , you can travel with Illidan to Dalaran Dungeons use the Eye of Sargeras and break away Forsaken from the Undead team.
If you and Blood elves research the upgraded called Illidari Alliance you become unallied with Legion team , you lose Rend and Voone, Magtheridon is imprisioned by Illidan in Hellfire and can be broken free to serve the Legion player., your elites change to the Demon Hunters and you ally Red.Also a upgrade called Boiling Blood appears will be able to be reseached now , it gives the Outland Marauders a self bloodlust ability.
Start of the Game
Unit Movement
You start with 3 bases and you should start moving asfast you can so that, the creeping and the unit moving should be in a order like this:
Blackrock – Ogre creepc amp to the right , Dwarf creeps in Searing Gorge, Kargath, Then wait for Dragonmaw Clan to attack The Elven Base next to Grim Batol or if its taken wait till your troops finish in outland.

Hellfire Citadel- Zangarmarsh Draenei Creeps, Regroup with Black Temple troops and the Legion team , then help them take M‘uru, move to Azeroth and unite the Armies.

Black Temple-Draenei Village in Shadowmoon , Regroup with Hellfire Citadel troops, do the same as you do with Hellfire troops.

Economy and Upgrades
You should focus on melee defence and ranged attack upgrades , also you should try to set up lumber operations at: Zangarmarsh, and Kargath.
Mid-Late Game
After all of your forces have gathered up in one place and you have arrived together Shadow Council and Legion to Loch Modan you should try to attack Dun Algaz it should be pretty easy to take ,because of the time is mostly 3 players there: Dwarf, Dalaran and Rangers, I suggest waiting for Dragonmaw to attack from the back while you with the rest of the team attack the front.

After you finish here you should move as fast to Ironforge and put it to siege, I would suggest first using catapults so siege down the game with the protection of air and units with nets. A strong cordination with Shadow Council is advised. After that 3 things happens most of the time: 1) Dwarf goes Dark Iron and maybe Dmc goes Old God also , so Legion team will be busy for a bit. 2) Dwarf stays normal or goes Wildhammer, So you should just probably move up to Arathi and then kill Aerie Peak and final stop then is Dalaran.
Common Mistakes
• Not using abilitys on Black Temple to defend Outland.

• Not using Demoness.

• Using Blackrock upgrade too early.

• Not using the troll caster healing wards.

• Not asking Legion to Lvl your heroes.

• Not being careful with Nefarian.

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