Yellow- Kultiras/Ironforge

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Yellow- Kultiras/Ironforge

1 month ago

I would like to explain yellow to beginners of goth to make playing this faction as enjoyable as I have or even to swing about current opinions of yellow so more people will want to play it in the future

You are part of the Alliance team, allied to blue (Lordaeron remnants), Dg (Stormwind resistance) and purple (Gilneas). Your position is in Ironforge, Kultiras and small bases scattered across the area. Your main opponent right off the bat is brown (Dragonmaw Clan)

Yellow is a faction heavily focused on ranged units, regardless of what path you pick. Yellow has imho the strongest army in the game- heavy firepower supporting durable frontline dwarven units. Your base frontline units are dwarven iron crushers with siege damage instead of slash or pierce. This means that brown will almost always win melee fights so don't try and go toe to toe with him, instead whittle down his bases so by the time the fight happens you'll be able to mostly match his spawn


At the start of the game, you have one of 3 paths to select from your main Ironforge base-
Kultiras, focusing on sailors and taking over the surrounding islands
Ironforge, focusing on reclaiming your overrun bases from brown
High king Thelsamar, also focusing on reclaiming your lands
In all cases you should purchase the explosive rounds upgrade for your ranged units as early as possible to give you a much needed boost against browns powerful melee focused army


This path buffs your frontline units by providing you with buccaneers, which have high damage and health and give you a strong counter to brown's melee focused army. You also gain hydromancers which give your units frost shields, further buffing your durability. You gain the heroes Thoras Trollbane and Anvilmar as well as the demi hero Galen Trollbane as well as the sword trol'kalar which gives you a small buff to strength and damage. I'd recommend taking the magic resist bracers off Muradin and giving them to your other dwarven hero as you immediately lose Muradin and your other hero gets teleported into Kultiras.

You gain the ability to take over Zuldare, Tolbarad and the fortress of Stromgarde for yourself, the drawback is you lose the option to retake the dwarven bases. You also gain the ability to recruit a flagship for your navy, giving you naval superiority over the seas.

Kultiras is an interesting path for yellow as it gives you a great deal of flexibility to hit multiple players at once and assist your allies much easier than your other paths.


Choosing this path grants you the ability to buff your army with dwarven and gnomish inventions such as the gyrocopter and steam tank.

This path grants you Muradin Bronzebeard, Anvilmar and Keegan Firebeard. Reaching level 8 (need to double check) with Muradin grants you a new gryphon hero. You can also spend 1000g to rebuild Gnomeregan, giving you the Gnomeregan spawn and the hero Gelbin Mekkatorque sporting a fancy robotic suit

You can reclaim most of the overrun dwarven bases from brown giving you a massive spawn buff that can easily recover your entire army in one wave. You also gain the ability to retake the twilight highlands from brown giving you a decent spawn boost

High King

This path grants you Muradin Bronzebeard, Thelsamar and Lohktos Darkbringer. In this path, you are more focused on the dark iron relations, eschewing the seas with Kul'tiras for more ground pounding action.

As with the Ironforge path you can reclaim most of your overrun bases from brown however when you take Grim Batol you can the dark iron hero Dagran Thaurissian, provided brown has not already claimed Dagran by going Dark Iron path and taking Ironforge. You also gain the option of taking over Blackrock mountain giving you a decent spawn and the option to purchase Ragnaros as a powerful cc hero, also provided brown has not taken the Dark Iron path and purchased Ragnaros already or teal has taken the elements path and beaten both you and brown.


Regardless of which path you take, yellow is a very enjoyable ranged faction that works well with dg and blues melee focused armies and purple's mage/melee focused army. Slowly yet steadily push your way out of Ironforge and Kul'tiras and reclaimed the lands of Loch Modan for the alliance!

Below I'll share the strategies I generally use to win games and more often than not give me the highest end game score

Early game strategy

Your situation is hazardous, you start off completely cut off from your allies whereas brown can easily be reinforced by multiple allies. Brown will be a very tough opponent to beat- a massive base that will quickly outspawn you as well as very hard hitting melee units

You have an initial advantage over brown in that your bases are right next to his and you can very easily hit him with your full starting force. Brown's massive base means it will take that player a few moments to organise his units and get them to your front lines. By that point you should have achieved 2 things:
a) Connected your Kultiras and Ironforge bases
b) Taken browns lower Ironforge base for your army

Right off the bat, your main focus should be on connecting your Kultiras and Ironforge bases. Brown holds a corridor of towers right on the path of your units. This can quickly be taken over by setting your 3 Kultiras spawns to just outside your Menethil Harbor base and your 2 Ironforge spawns (can't remember the spawn that's next to Gnomeregan) to just below browns corridor. With your first 2 waves of spawn, you can easily take over browns corridor, generally without losing a single unit. It is absolutely vital that you bring all your spawns except your Thelsamar spawn to taking over the corridor and installing your own towers in place. There will be an urge to split up and start attacking multiple locations, especially browns lower Ironforge base but keep in mind the longer it takes you to combine your armies the more time brown has to mass his forces and hit Ironforge

When you have taken over the corridor, immediately move your spawns to hit the lower Ironforge spawn. By this point, brown should have reached you. Continue to hit lower Ironforge, stopping to fend off brown until the player retreats then finish taking over lower Ironforge. Throughout this time you should keep an eye on your gold- the moment you have 150g IMMEDIATELY buy the explosive rounds upgrade from Ironforge then select all your expeditionary marines and riflemen and toggling their attacks so they auto use explosive rounds. This gives you a massive buff to your already ranged focused army

After this, your next move should be to take over the dwarven base just above you until it's destroyed/reclaimed depending on your path. By this point, most of browns army will have been destroyed by your forces and they will slowly be rebuilding. At any point from the start of the game, Brown may decide to hit Thelsamar- LET IT DIE. Don't rush your forces out trying to save it. Thelsamar only gives out a small spawn and is separated from the rest of your spawns so the few units it does give out can't support you anyway

This ends the early game portion for yellow

Mid game strategy

By now you should have hit brown hard, taken over 1/3 of his bases and buffed your army with explosive rounds. From here you have multiple options, affected by the path you chose, your allies current situation or what brown themselves are focusing on

Your biggest risk is if green decides to come down to support their ally brown if they see brown's getting hit hard. If the Daval path is taken, you will find orange hitting you instead. If this happens, pull your forces back to just outside Menethil Harbor and wait for green/orange and brown to hit you. Ironforge will be too heavily fortified for browns diminished spawn to take on so they'll be forced to hit you win=th green/orange at Menethil Harbor. If you find that your enemies combined forces are too strong for you, pull back into Menethil harbour. It has a very strong choke point (hopefully Panther-Anthro widens this) that is almost impossible for your enemies to force their way through. When you've fought off brown and their ally, move back out and continue to hit Brown, taking over browns final northern dwarf base or alternately Zuldare if you chose the Kultiras path then go for browns dwarf bases, personally I don't recommend this as the spawn you receive is minimal and brown can quickly destroy the port, trapping your army on the island whilst they retake what you've taken over

Alternately if brown receives no help from their allies you should still either move north to hit browns northern base or south to hit browns base to the left of Thelsamar if you want to fully connect your forces

From here you should move onto browns final bases. This will be a tough fight and I've seen many brown players recover and even completely wipe out stronger yellow players simply because yellow players got cocky and simply rushed their forces in. I find that the southern entrance to Grim Batol is easier than the northern entrance to push through. Once you have pushed into the area, split your forces, equally hitting dragonmaw gates and Grim Batol, forcing brown to save one or the other however this tactic will not work.

Once Grim Batol and dragonmaw gates are down, push through and finish off brown, giving you much breathing space whilst you figure out where to move north or south.

Move south

Generally, I move south to hit teal and assist dg (if still allied to me), mainly depending on if they are having difficulty with teal. When you hit teal, I recommend taking over all their outer bases before hitting Stormwind as the Stormwind fight can easily drain your forces meaning a long wait whilst your recovery troops march south. When teal is beaten you'll have an ally to support you AND your rear is almost completely protected (keep an eye on the outland fight)

Move north

Alternately you can hit oj/green depending on how their fight is going, mainly depending on if oj/green are hitting oj. I'd recommend taking oj's base of Stromgarde first then immediately fortifying it. This gives you a strong base to fall back on and denies oj one of their strongest spawns. If green is overrunning oj I'd recommend hitting green to level the playing field and giving you 2 weaker opponents to fight rather than one very strong opponent. If oj is hitting purple I'd recommend hitting oj to ease up stress for purple whilst they recover and assist you in taking out oj and green. Green may also decide to rush blue and assist pink. In this case, you should focus green to force them to withdraw from blue. Swap who you focus on depending on who's beating the other player or who's hitting purple/blue

This ends the mid-game portion for yellow

End game strategy

From here you should have either weakened oj/green or taken out teal with dg. If you have weakened your northern opponents, immediately move south and take out teal. Alternatively move north to hit green/oj if teal is already beaten. By this point simply move your forces to assist either purple or blue depending on which player requires more help. Once you have assisted one player in beating their opponent, move to the other player and assist them by which point your team will have basically won the game

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Re: Yellow- Kultiras/Ironforge

3 weeks ago

Solid guide, just a small thing wrong: Hydromancers have Slow, not frost armor.

I also suggest adding a heads-up on the KT path to put the Bronzebeard bracers on thargas before selecting the path, so that the item doesn't get left behind in ironforge

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