8.2 Changelog

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8.2 Changelog

1 week ago

Changelog for version 8.2 :

Overhaul :

-"Truce" commands no longer desactivated when Brown or DG leaves, the leadership passes instead to another player in the following order :
Horde : Brown > Gray > Green > LB
Alliance : DG > Yellow > Orange > Blue
Current leaders may declare war/truce just like DG and Brown used to

-Truce is also rewarded by a new "Trade" bonus income : the longer the truce last, the bigger this income gets (up to 200, increases every 5 minuts by 50)

-New feature : town militias for Town Halls : every Town Hall (except for Legion and Scourge) may now summon militia units to defend a strategic location or even capture a nearby Control Point. The amount of militia summoned increases with each tier of the Town Hall :
Tier 1 : Summons 4 melee and 4 ranged militias
Tier 2 : Summons 6 melee and 6 ranged militias
Tier 3 : Summons 8 melee and 8 ranged militias

Note : In order to avoid militia-abuse, Town Halls may not be built within a 900 radius range of another Town Hall.

-Complete rework of the Illidari race (Naga and Fel Orcs now merged)

-Reworked Horde/Alliance capitals so they contain a Town Hall of each of their original members

-removed secret quest (Marriage remains tho), will use Uther's tomb for something else

Red :

-Onslaught path now locked before WOTLK event triggers (20 minutes in game)

-Scarlet Crusade no longer joins the Alliance, even if Purge Saidan was researched

-Purge Saidan now also grants Taelan Fordring as a hero with the following spellset : Hammer of Justice, Righteous Fury, Crusader Strike (Pulverize) and Lay of Hands (full heal after short channeling)

Blue :

Teal :

-reduced Teal's starting gold by 200 (from 500 to 300)

-reduced all Teal's heroes hp by 1000 except Magtheridon (who actually got buffed to match Kazzak)

Purple :

-Shadow and Lich units removed from Temple of the Damned (Lich will now be trained in undead T3 Town Halls, like DK)

-increased Book of Medivh Int bonus from +15 to +25

Orange :

-Replaced Rhonin's Flamestrike with Inferno Chains and his Avatar with "Flame Shock" (After 4 seconds casting, unleash a fire AOE around Rhonin that deals 600 damage and stuns units for 2 seconds)

-Slight buff to Rhonin' stats (additional hp and Int)

-Rhonin now starts at lvl 6 while Jaina starts at lvl 4

Yellow :

Green :

-Vol'jin now starts inside Sen'jin Village

Pink :

-No longer need to choose between Naga and Fel Orcs

-Only worker available is the "Illidari Worker" that can build the new Illidari buildings

-increased Pink's blademasters hp from 1000 to 1200

-Naga/Fel orcs focus now grants an additional Semi hero (Grillok for Fel Orcs and Naj'entus for Nagas)

-increased Couatl' dps and granted them Poison attacks, changed armor type to Medium, increased cost to 26 and 3 food

-Siren's Abolish magic replaced with Frost Armor

-granted Charge to Fel Orc Grunts and Swift Strike to Fel Raiders

-Fel Javeliners "Envenomed Spears" replaced with "Incendiary Missile" (deals additional damage to buildings and slow their attacks down if Towers)

-Increased Dragon Turtles' base armor from 1 to 5 and base hp from 700 to 900 (to justify the price : 32 gold and 3 food), reduced training time to 5 seconds

-Replaced Illidan's W "Immolation" with "Eye Beam" ability (channels for 2 second then deal damage to nearby units, forked lighting)

-Replaced Vasj's Healing Spray with Mana Shield and increased Int points gain per level

-Akama now has Healing spay as E spell

-Replaced Black Temple's towers with "Hellcanons" (powerful towers with splash attacks, same stats as Shattrath towers)

-Granted 30% Cleave to Warglaive and they now may drop when Illidan dies permanently

Gray :

-Sun Rock Retreat is now a named base that allows to revive Maggran Earthbinder and provides more food than usual bases. Moreover, a 20 gold/s CP was added to it

-new semi hero for Gray from start : Maggran Earthbinder, tied to Sun Rock Retreat

-also added a few starting units and a tower to Sun Rock Retreat (north of Thunder Bluff)

Light Blue :

Dark Green :

Brown :

-Orgrimmar's gates now opened from start

-slightly increased Thrall's stats (to atleast match Varian's stats)

-Current Thrall 's ultimate replaced with a powerful Moonsoon spell (with the same name)

-replaced Drek'thar's Mass Teleport with Tranquility

Dark Blue :

Dark Red :

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