Blue - Hearthglen

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Blue - Hearthglen

1 month ago


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Writer Julian:
There are most likely diffrent guides for blue you can use this is my opinion over blue and Strategie how i Play hope it will still help you

War in the Plaguelands Blue Hearthglen

You position is at Hearthglen you fight in the West Plaguelands togheter with your ally DG who is the Scarlet Monastery
you fight against the forces from Andohal (Grey) and Scholomance (Pink)

Your base starts under the control of Taelan and Isilien your Army is pretty stacked on one place besides the Scarlet Outpost near DG you can find every Unit in Hearthglen

Blue got some events first of you start with 2 semi heroes Galvar and Tarsen once they reach lvl 10 you will be able to give them a skillset a ult and they become revivable

After some time you can launch the Strikeforce below Andohal that will grant you Ashlam another semi hero you can lvl to 10 and let him become revivable

When your main base dies dont worry you will get a second chance at lights hope with radley as hero
you will get Radley when Lights hope goes down

When Taelan dies Isilien can take over hearthglen granting him more stats and a new skillset and you will also get inquisitor Champions

Taelan can become Highlord when Alexandros and Renault are dead

Once Taelan reaches lvl 12 you will get Tirion Fording and Taelan will get new items

Tirion can become the Ashbringer once Alive Alexandros , Darion, Undead Darion and Alex are dead

Unique Units and spells:
Blue got quite some special units like:
Hearthglen Militia (normal dmg/heavy armor) spells: Defend and as passive Heavy Plating reduces dmg by 10 with minimum dmg 5

Hearthglen Elite (same as Milita but stronger stats)
Your Elites are Scarlet Templars (normal dmg/meele armor) spells: Rejuvenation Bloodlust Command Aura Heavy Plating reduce dmg by 8 minimum of 8

Paladins: (normal dmg/meele armor) Rejuvenation Inner fire Devotion Aura Heavy plating

Requires to get Tirion Silverhand Paladin: (normal dmg/meele armor) Rejuvenation , Inner fire Devotion aura
Incinerate Heavy plating (Heavy plating dmg reduce 10 minimum 5)

Requires to get Lord Inquisitor Isilien : Inquisition Champion Rejuvenation Feedback Heavy plating (dmg reduce 10 minimum 5)

Make sure to let all your meele stay on the frontline there are several units like Skeleton archer or Crypt fiend with Medium Armor try to get meele flanks on them best for that are Scarlet knights because they pretty fast also your elites.

Your Archers should be focused on the Casters pink will have a lot of them so try to get some Archers sqaud and focus the Necromancers scarlet archers got 500 range so you wont get some long range shots try to let your meele and Hearthglen units tank the meele

Your Casters should be focused on the meele units also try to use their spells you got on Sorcress Slow Mana flare and Frost armor group them up and let some have frost armor on while others got slow turn on mana flare when you fight against a lot of casters to get more dmg out like against Necromancers

Heroes and spells

Main Heroes
Taelan: Q Holy Light , W Concentration (war stomp) E Holy aura (unholy aura) R Divine protection (big bad voodoo) Attribute bonus D Divine Shield

Highlord Taelan: Q Rain of Light (healing spray) , W Concentration (war stomp) E Holy aura (unholy aura) R divine protection (big bad voodoo) Attribute bonus D Divine Shield

Isilien: Q Healing wave W Flamestrike E Brilliance aura R Faith Aura (this aura will increase life reg by 100% and you got a 3% chance to get 500 armor when a unit under this aura gets attacked for 5 seconds) Attribute Bonus

Lord Inquisitor Isilien: Q Flamestike, W Rain of Light E Brilliance aura R Faith Aura Attribute Bonus

High Interrogater Vishaz: Q Holy Shock (shackles) W divine retrubtion (chain lighting) E heavy plating (dmg reduce) R divine Judgement (impale) Attribute Bonus

Tirion Fordring: Q Holy Light W Impale E Devotion Aura R Judgment of the Righteous (aoe attack) D Divine Shield got also item with Healing wave

Ashbringer Fordring Q Holy Light W Impale E Devotion Aura R Will of the ashbringer (does aoe dmg and also increases attack speed does give immolation and become magic imnune) Attribute bonus D Judgment of the Righteous Attribute Bonus got also item with healing wave

Semi Heroes + when made full hero:
Galvar: Q Storm bolt , W Lights nova (frost nova without slow) E Command aura R Big Dispell Attribute Bonus

Tarsen: Q Shockwave W Guardians of the Light E Devotion aura R Divine protection (big bad voodoo)

Ashlam Valorfist: Q Holy Light W Thunder clap E Roar R Divine retrubtion

To say every hero has a purpose and its a shame to loose anyone but who i might suggest important to keep alive are Taelan Vishaz and Isilien all 3 offer some nice spells Isilien got Brillance aura what can help good with the restore on mana since all other Heroes are rather low with Intellegence

Taelan and Vishaz offer togheter some quite nice hero aim with stomp and shackles after that heroes keeping galvar alive is important because he all around is nice he got Hero aim aoe and buffs the dmg of your Army and Hero sqaud.

Heroes that are nice to have but can be lost are Tarsen and Ashlam both got aoe but it doesent change so much that you would loose big aoe of course ashlam got some small Army buffs with his Roar and Holy light.

Start of the game:

Group everything up try to split meele Range and Casters in diffrent groups and your Elites with Heroes togheter
skill Flamestrike and Brillance aura on Isilien holy light and holy aura on taelan and holy shock on vishaz get later divine retrubtion
your advantage compared to Grey is your units are more togheter while his are spread out all around the West side so try to group everything fast togheter and rush the closest base to you Dalsons tear
Try to talk togheter with DG to know what he will do if he will go to Bulwark or you group at Dalsons tear

Mid Game:
The Mid game can be quite diffrent going how your rush worked out with DG togheter
Rush was successful: You should now try to take the remaining Cauldrons and force Grey and Pink to there bases Andohal is possible to be taken solo but Scholo will need both of you because the bridges can be quite a problem to push through around this time Chillwind outpost will also be able to launch focus to destroy Sorrow hill when you launch it and get Ashlam to you
Rush failed: Hope is not lost yet try to poke around grey a bit weaken his forces while you Group yours up try to look if pink is also there play more careful then and try to kill Krastinov so he wont be able to root you also important to say for everything Isilien is quite squishy and may be First target so always look out for pinks hero sqaud. Talk with DG togheter when both Pink and Grey sit at Tears you can either attack from two sides or force one to bulwark with DG going there

Late Game:
When you did indeed keep most of your heroes alive you can be quite able to carry the game a bit once Galvar becomes a full hero you can lvl his Nova and it will get stronger also better hero aim Isiliens faith aura is useful for everyone with the life reg aura and 500 armor Taelans BBV is pretty nice to fight big aoes and adding Tarsens on top of that you can stay invu quite a while
Once you get Tirion your aoe will become even stronger and you get 2 more heals because Tirion got Holy Light and Healing wave on his Hammer Item

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Re: Blue Hearthglen

1 month ago

Would be nice with some pictures from ingame

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