We’re implementing a league system for Broken Alliances, which will work in a similar manner to league systems in other games. The leaderboard will show a player’s league and their place within it – we will no longer have visible player ratings. In addition to this, we are overhauling the current rating system (which will be behind the scenes). Winning will matter more – it will be much more difficult to climb the ranks by getting 2nd place every game than it is now.


The top leagues, of course, will have a limited number of positions. It will become increasingly difficult to break into the next league as you rise up. The first few leagues will have basic rating requirements, with higher promotion requirements as you progress – for example, you will need to meet requirements to rank up in a higher league such as 1) have a minimum hidden rating and 2) win a certain number of consecutive games. When you are near the top of a league, you will want to pay attention to your “win streak” requirement when it comes to breaking into the next league. These requirements essentially mean that to be promoted to the very top ranks, you will need to be somewhat active and, most importantly, you will need to show your ability to win games – not just place 2nd or 3rd. Players will also receive a bonus for winning games against other players in a higher league – although the higher league player will not be penalized.


Players may drop down to the league below by having a bad losing streak, by having their rating drop too much, or by having a lower league player surpass them. Naturally, it becomes more difficult to maintain your league status as you rise – becoming more and more competitive.


The ranks will be as follows, with their corresponding capacities (the max number of players each league can “hold”) and their win streak requirements for promotion:

Rank Capacity Win Streak Required to Join
Grand Master 3 7
Master 7 5
Diamond 10 2
Platinum 1
Gold 0
Silver 0
Bronze 0

Bronze, silver, gold and platinum have no limits on the number of players that can be in each league, and the “win streak” requirement for platinum is only 1. We may change these values in the future, as this is a new system and we don’t know yet how everything will look after a month or so.


We will have seasons which are each 2 months long, although the first season will only be 1 month. For the first week of every season, rating gains will be increased by 1.5x the normal rate. The grand master “winners” at the end of each season will be given a reward. The reward we’re looking at right now is a -repick command, but as with everything else, this may change in the future. Players ending a season as a Grand Master will also earn a place on a BA “Hall of Fame” page on the website.


Hopefully this gives you a basic idea of how our league system will work. We will, of course, improve on it over time and I doubt everything we have ironed out right now will remain unchanged in the future.

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