We’re implementing a league system for Broken Alliances, which will work in a similar manner to league systems in other games. Winning will matter more – it will be much more difficult to climb the ranks by getting 2nd place every game than it is now.


For each game played a player recieves a certain amount of points determined by his placement in the game. Unless the player wins the game, his placement is defined by his perfomance, which is result of his unit kills, hero kills, bases burnt and mains burnt summed in a certain formula that we’ve developed. Winner’s points, whether it’s a team or not, are determined by the proportion from winner’s score to overall score, therefore, the better you play the game, the more points you will get. Every other player in the game, gets a percentage of Winner’s score depending on the placement. If the players are allied we take their average score into the consideration and if the player is solo, he recieves a bonus multiplier for his score.


However, as players advance in the rankings, they will recieve less points for their wins and lose more for their losses, making it harder to climb. Players may drop down to the league below by having their rating drop too much, or by having a lower league player surpass them. Naturally, it becomes more difficult to maintain your league status as you rise – becoming more and more competitive.


The point distribution varies based on modes. FFA gives more, 1 ally gives less 🙂


Players will also receive a bonus for winning games against other players in a higher league – although the higher league player will not be penalized.


The ranks will be as follows, with their corresponding capacities (the max number of players each league can “hold”) and their win streak requirements for promotion:

Rank Capacity MMR boundaries
Grand Master 5 1800+
Master 10 1600-1799
Diamond 15 1400-1599
Platinum 1150-1399
Gold 750-1149
Silver 550-749
Bronze 0-549



Hopefully this gives you a basic idea of how our league system will work. We will, of course, improve on it over time and I doubt everything we have ironed out right now will remain unchanged in the future.

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