A beginner’s guide to fearing Amaya: Broken Alliances and how to play it.

by MjSquash


You are provided upon game start with gold, three bases, a hero with three items and 18 mercenaries. The initial gold should solely be used on spawns.
The game is spawn based and every minute when the timer in the corner of your screen ends units will spawn in your base(s). Spawns are limited by manpower which is your base’s mana.

Gold is generated by killing other units, while lumber is generated pr. Base each minute.

Each base can make a worker (50g).

Each base contains a unique book upgrade that can be bought for 300gold+lumber, these upgrades are universal and permanent. Do not pursue these books unless you relish in sufficient funds.

There are five buyable bases, five dragon shrines, and seven packs of creeps throughout the map. As well as a couple of goblin bases’; these can provide you with ships and siege units.

Quest log, f9, provides in-game help and instructions as well.

The beginning:

  • First, you will want to pick a base. You should chose only one if new to the game; but two are feasible if they are nearby each other. Then you will want to begin adding units to your spawn, every minute the total sum of units trained will spawn. When selecting units for training keep in mind that ranged is far less likely to die than melee, and you for example therefore do not need more than one siege spawn. The unit selection depends on your chosen base, but I will give a few examples:


Taurenia: 1x 330g melee tauren, and 1x300g catapult.
Horsefields: 2x 295 heavy cavalry, 1x 245g mounted archer.
Riverrun: 1x 290g dire wolf, 1x 300g catapult, 1x priest.


Once you have decided upon a main, you should try to find a nearby ally. Fx, if you are in the south-west, ask for “ally south west”; use –ally color to ally.

  • Secondly, once you have gathered up a reasonable army, scout or poke surrounding bases. If you find a non-main (no mana spend in base), you should attempt to burn it by destroying it and clicking the burn option. This will grant you a large amount of gold you in turn can use to strengthen your army. Continue doing this.
  • Perks: In the upper left corner you can find a shrine belonging to you. In this shrine you can select two (three if you wrote –solo) perks to benefit your army.

Your hero:

Your hero begin with three items: healing ward, magic jammer, and officer token. Your hero can learn three spells and one ultimate; and has a teleport ability.

The teleportation ability can at any time be used to safely teleport your hero to a selected friendly base.

In the beginning of the game you can use your hero and mercenaries to contest other players for items. These items drop off creeps located on the map. The location of these creeps are indicated on the minimap by dots. Beware, players often engage in vigorous skirmishes to win these items; although sometimes creeps are left alone.

  • Healing wards: place these behind your units, or they are likely to be destroyed.
  • Magic Jammer: these can be used to remove wards, summoned units, and most magical effects.
  • Officer token: can be used to grant a unit inventory+aura.

Heroes can resurrect in base.


You should not build before exhausting most of your base’s manpower.

The most elementary buildings to construct early and mid-game are supply center, blacksmith, and teleport. Please see the structure chapter for an introduction to these.


By now you should have 1-5 burns behind you, as well as:

  • 1-2 or 2-3 melee upgrades, and 1-0 or 2-0 ranged upgrades.
  • Supply center and at least one stack of healing wards on hero.
  • Preferably one teleport in your main base.
  • A blacksmith.
  • No more manpower in your main.

At this point you are likely aware of a few enemies around you, you can try to kill them but don’t feed them simply by sacrificing your army. You will want to continue to push on burning easy bases, and feeding on enemy units. It is a good idea to get a 2nd main if the game favour you; keep in mind that teleport, walls, and towers can help make a new main safe. If out of manpower then focus on upgrades.

Ending the game:

You will want to strengthen your army and begin killing enemies off as your strength surpasses theirs until you ultimately win or are killed by someone who surpasses you; you win when all other bases are dead.

As a new player it will be tricky and difficult to measure up next to experienced players; but stay brave and with time you will find BA to be an entertaining and fun strategy game with great variation and challenge.


  • Blacksmith: unit upgrades dmg/armor.
  • Research center: various attributes.
  • Teleport: transfer 12 units on the map to the position of the building.
  • Supply center: buy items for your hero.
  • Healing tent: heals nearby units one at the time, and can place a healing ward.
  • Disease centre: can be build near an enemy base to apply a plague debuff to the units within
  • Towers: provides damage, can be upgraded. These do not hold off an enemy army without units infront of them.
  • Artillery towers and trebuchet: siege towers.
  • Galleon: ship, allows long distance siege, a 1000 damage in a small radius every minute.
  • Walls: can be build by goblin workers from the goblin tech shops.

Creeps and items:


  • Horn of Hilgar
  • Orb of seeing
  • Amulet of Spell Shield
  • Diamond of Summoning
  • Staff of Silence
  • Dragon Stone

Ancient Wendigo:

  • Essence of Restoration
  • Mindstaff
  • Staff of spirits

Sludge Beast:

  • Amulet or Orlanus: hand this in on a small island in the river north west.

The Raven:

  • Orb of seeing
  • Amulet of Spell Shield
  • Diamond of Summoning
  • Staff of Silence
  • Dragon Stone (can be sold to dragons for 200g or kept for cold attack)
  • Book of the Dead


  • Shredder keys, these are handed in just above the river in the middle, east of the crossing.

Demon Hunter:

  • Rusty Prison Key, this can be handed in at the eastern map edge; see minimap for a ping.

Exiled Wizard:

  • Landmines


  • Sword of Halkus; random stats.


-ally color

-color gold (fx –red 200)

-war color

-camera xxxx (fx 2700)

Players can take their disconnected ally’s bases without losing spawns by typing –take.

Players can take their disconnected ally’s gold by typing –takegold, while selecting a unit.


-solo, if you wish to play alone, grants one extra perk.

-share, to share units if the color red.


There are five dragon shrines throughout the map, these you will have to explore on your own.

Beware, if your dragon dies it is permanently dead.

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