Team Madsmax
Ultimate_lizard / Bav_Soxu
Team nameless
Ultimate_doom / Ultimate_stryco / xAresx
Team fuckuwewins
Wrath_tits / Wrath_skillz / Ultimate_Amaya
Team Big Dickss
Grevling / Mcrib
Team tryhardboiss
Bav_serok / Bav_Irrussional
Team Sons of Asgards
BAV_thor / Bav_LoKi
Team Underdogss
jcpolo96 / Eua_Plys
Team The Fluffy kittenss
H3dlund / Z4ph / plague
Team The Bruos
Wrath_killa / Wrath_perplex
Team GreenStreetHooliganss
Ultimate_yngwie / kerim-998
Team Woots
Wrath_judo / Wrath_boofoox


1st Place: $70.00
2nd Place: $30.00


* Matches will be Bo3
* Grand Final is Bo5
* Maximum of 16 teams
* Mode is 1ally
* Teams of 2-3 players


1) Games take place in public.
2) All the AoW1 rules (no info sharing between the challengers)
3) You must kill the enemy team, or if they die prematurely, simply win the game, otherwise the game won't count.
4) If there will be any arguments about the winner, the replay will be reviewed and the winner will be decided by the staff.
5) If someone lags out, the game will still be counted.
6) Repick command is not allowed.

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