1. Do not maphack.

2. Do not intentionally abuse bugs/glitches after being told not to.

3. Do not intentionally feed another player substantial amounts of gold

Systematic feeding from game to game even in small amounts also leads to a ban.

Example:  Running your units into or placing your units in front of somebody’s base before leaving or attacking a player while facilitating in killing your units without losses.

4. Do not coordinate actions with players you are not allied to.

Sharing valuable infromation with the enemy in public or private chat in order to simplify the game for yourself or hurt another player.

Example: Systematically telling an enemy player to attack somebody or help you, while also providing infromation to do so. Doing the same action without info sharing, but in a substantial moment in the game or while hinting at a certain timing.
Example: Telling other players somebody’s base is empty or telling other players where somebody’s main is.

5. Do not repeatedly join lobbies/games you do not intend to stay in. Do not be obnoxious in lobbies by way of spamming or the like.

Example: Players who repeatedly join and leave lobbies to prevent a game from starting.
Example: Players who repeatedly leave at the beginning of games with an ill intent, leaving an empty slot another player could have filled.

6. Exceeding ill behavior towards players and systematic personal attacks in game or lobby chat to disrupt the flow of the game.


7. Do not use WC3 names which have any kind of escape characters or colour coded strings.

Example: |cff, |n, |r etc.
Example: |cffFF0000Red, |cff000000 etc.

All rules are in place to be interpretated by admins and used in a fair and reasonable way. In the cases where admins think they can replace a ban with a warning they can do so, considering the circumstances.

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