This is a big map which can be played with 12 players maximum.

The mode can be Free for All, 1 ally, 2 allies or unlimited allies.

There are 55 differents bases for 42 bases spot location on the map, which means that 13 bases are randomly set apart every games.
On these 42 bases :
2 are always the same (not randomly chosen) are always at the same spot, and are buyable bases.
4 are buyable bases, but are randomly picked from the 53 bases, and those 4 spots are always the same.
36 bases are randomly chosen out of 50 to be the starting bases of the 12 players, bases spot location are always the same, just the name of its bases (and spawnable units) which are differents.
There are 20 different heros, which are randomly given to the 12 players, so 7 heros aren’t in the map.

Every player starts with 3 bases randomly spread over the 36 bases location, everyone starts with the same amount of gold (random between 600 and 800 gold), everyone start with 1 hero, and every players start with 8 units (mercenaries) per bases.

Units spawn every minute.


You ally someone only by typing : -ally color , and you war someone if you type : -war color.
You can share control of units in “F11” and click on the square, and you can speak in ally chat in “F12” and click on “ally chat” or private chat for a certain player.
You can give a base to your ally by selecting it and typing -give color(so the base is no longer yours, if you want it back, your ally will have to give it back to you).
You can give gold only to your ally if you type -color 100 (or w/e number of gold he wants).

You get gold by killing enemy units/building or burning bases.
You can capture a base instead of burning it if you wish.

Only a peon/peasant/acolyte/wisp/elven worker can build buildings to upgrade your units, for example forge (to upgrade armor and attack of melee and rang units), research center (to upgrade hp, regen, attack speed, etc of melee or rang units). They can build towers, teleporters (to teleport units) and also a suply center (with many kind of wards, to heal, to regen mana, landmines, etc etc…)

Only your hero can carry items or wards, and also officers units (item that you can buy in supply center to put on a unit).
You can teleport your hero in any of your base (or ally base) with the horn of retreat (bottom right when you click on your hero).

You can buy a dragon in dragon shop, you can use only one dragon at once, you can buy a new one if it dies.


Gold is usually spent for spawns at the begining of the game to form an army as fast as possible.
The very begining of the game is based on fighting for quests, players gather their mercenaries and their hero and fight both neutrals and other players to gain powerful items.

There are 8 quests :

1) The Sludge Beast that gives you an “Amulet of Orlanus” that can be brought to Vinamar island for 5 Paladins of Vinamar.
2) Old Murlocia quest which gives Goblin Shedders Keys, that you can use to obtain 5 Goblin Shredders.
3) Lizards quest, which can randomly give you either the Sword Of Halkus(+15 dmg and +5 strengh with a % of bash), Bracers Of Halkus (agility), Staff Of Halkus (intelligence).
4) Talien quest, which gives you 2 landmines that you can use to kill enemy units by landing them on the ground (aoe dmg).
5-6) Centaur quest, and Bandit quest, both of them randomly give you either the Orb of Seeing, Staff of Silence , Amulet of Spell Shield, Diamond of Summoning and either Book of the Dead or Horn of Hilgar. You can sell those items at dragon roosts for 100g.
7) Stalker quest, which gives you a Rusty Prison Key, that can be used to get 5 units of your choosing form a prison in north east.
8) Ancient Wendigo quest that drops one of the following items: Staff of Spirits, Mindstaff or Essence. 

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