Ban request ultimate_Persia

  • Cortanax Registered User 9 Posts Joined 2017/01/14
    8 months ago 0 0

    Who was involved?

    Which rule was broken?
    Intentionally feeding.

    At what in-game time did the incident occur? skip to 35 minutes 🙂

    Provide a brief description of the incident.
    Ultimate_Persia rage-quitting running his units into another players (deathgod) base. Not even attackmove.

    poilut Game Admin 210 Posts Joined 2016/11/12
    8 months ago 0 0

    If ony you mentioned the replay number… well 2 things.
    1) Your music is cool
    2) I think a ban is in order as well.

    x-imo Root Admin 98 Posts Joined 2016/10/26
    8 months ago 0 0

    Date Banned
    2017-06-15 13:32:29
    Intentionally Feeding
    Expires On
    2017-06-16 13:32:29

    I’m not sure if the BACP ban feature works so if you see him in game lmk or any other admins.

    tony Game Admin 787 Posts Joined 2016/11/12
    8 months ago 0 0

    it didnt work , i ip banned him 1 min before this post , so if the bann timer doesnt work either somone should un bann around this time tomorrow.

    Also before when you banned it still allowed the banned player to stay in game and then you had to kick after. I didnt know it was changed so it auto kicked him right away and i didnt have time to explain to him so if anyone knows him on facebook or whatever to let him know

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