Broken Alliances 4.5c

  • Changes for Conquest mode.
  • Changed Sharposhooter’s model at Silvermoon to prevent the visual bug happening late game.
  • -Solo now has a starting cooldown of 20 seconds, preventing players to pick it too early and not recieve bonus gold.
  • Fixed the bug with Champions of Labilia’s Reflect Shield and reworked the ability.

Broken Alliances 4.5b

  • Maximum unit limit changed from 220 to 170. This is an approximate numbers due to how the spawning system works (changing this in test mode due to the players’ feedback, may be taken out after).
  • Fixed the bug that prevented players from spawning even though they were under the unit limit for a few minutes (there’s a chance this bug might still happen but less frequently, needs more testing ).
  • Players that do –solo receive 250 bonus gold (adding this in test mode due to the players’ feedback, may be taken out after).
  • Changes for Conquest mode.
  • Fixed the bug with Blue Dragon’s Iceage having no visual effect.
  • Fixed the bug with Champion of Labilia being immune to spells while in Defend.
  • Fixed the bug with Lightning Shield’s hotkey.
  • Fixed the bug with Chain of Restoration having a wrong visual effect.
  • Soul Burn’s damage increased from 10 to 15.
  • Fire Mage’s damage per upgrade decreased from 4 to 3.
  • Fire Minion cooldown increased from 15 to 25 seconds.
  • Dark Priest’s HP reduced from 620 to 570.
  • Pikeman’s Charge damage increased from 75 to 100.
  • Blood Elf Cavalry’s damage per upgrade increased from 4 to 5.

Broken Alliances 4.5a

  • Tweaks and fixes for Conquest mode.
  • Summon Fire Minion mana cost increased from 100 to 125.
  • Fire Minion bounty increased from 2 to 5 gold. Hit Points reduced from 340 to 300.

Broken Alliances 4.5


  • Added 2 new modes Conquest and Magicania Madness.
  • New Base: Silvemoon.
  • Terrain changes.
  • Fixed the bug with hotkey on Morphed Druid of the Claw abilities.
  • Fixed hotkeys for Chain for Restoration, Load, Unload.
  • Changed hotkeys and icon positions for Goblin Shipyard ,Goblin Engineering Center and Goblin Engineer.
  • Fixed the bug with being unable to build towers in Nachloch/Gapbreak spots.
  • Added a message shown to an ally of leaving player about –take and –takegold.
  • Fixed the bug that caused Iceage override Silence and freeze units for the whole duration of it.


  • Fixed the bug with Runner perk not giving bonus movement speed (OPS).
  • Runner perk movement speed bonus increased from 20 to 25.
  • Conquer perk now gives only 100 bonus gold for capturing a base (Buying still gives 150).
  • Masser bonus decreased from 250 to 200 maximum mana. Bonus to current mana decreased (the lower current manpower level of the base is, the less bonus will be received).


  • Changed the armor of Transport ship from Fortified to Unarmored.
  • Goblin Juggernaut’s armor decreased from 2 to 0.
  • Goblin Siege Tanks now have “Siege Weapon” ability.
  • Disease Center’s Plague range increased from 2500 to 3000. Building size and ground texture changed.
  • Trebuchet’s size greatly reduced. Changed ground texture. Attack speed and damage slightly increased.
  • Explosives’ damage on bases greatly decreased.
  • Disease Center can no longer target towers and other buildings, preventing it from accidently wasting mana.
  • Disease Center is now pinged on the minimap for 40 seconds for the owner of the base when casting Plague.
  • “Build Defensive Structures” building bounty increased from 10 to 30 gold.
  • Added tooltip description for Load and Unload abilities.


  • Wildkin’s damage reworked. Added new ability: Enrage.
  • Tauren Druids now have a new ability: Spirit Link.
  • Crypt Fiends now have a new ability: Web.
  • Monks’ Force Fist replaced with a new ability: Disarm.
  • Increased HP of all siege units (mortar, catapult, ballista, mobile artillery, meat wagon, etc) by 50.
  • Mortar Team and Mobile Artillery starting armor increased by 1.
  • Added a new unit to Magicania.
  • Shifter’s attack range decreased from 600 to 500.
  • Spider Lord’s manpower cost reduced from 440 to 400. Bounty decreased from 22 to 20. Gold cost reduced from 440 to 400. Now only spawns 1 Nerubian Warrior on death.
  • Nerubian Warrior’s HP increased from 550 to 850. Bounty increased from 6 to 8.
  • War Drums bonus damage increased from 10% to 15%. AoE decreased from 900 to 700.
  • Devour cast range increased from 100 to 200. Maximum target level increased from 5 to 6. Damage per second increased from 5 to 20.
  • Assassins’ and Chaos Assassins’ attack speed slightly increased.
  • Shadow Meld hotkey changed from Q to I and changed button position not to override other spells.
  • Fel Orc Ravager armor increased from 3 to 4.
  • Chain Healing mana cost decreased from 125 to 100. Healing increased from 50 to 60.
  • Orc Hunter’s bounty decreased from 13 to 12 gold.
  • Giant Frost Wolf’s gold cost decreased from 325 to 310.
  • Tuskarr Chieftain manpower cost increased from 340 to 380. Bounty increased from 17 to 19. Gold cost increased from 320 to 370.
  • Tuskarr Healer’s Heal is now the same as Priest’s (up from 12HP to 25). Changed unit’s icon.
  • Overlord’s HP increased from 925 to 950. Armor increased from 3 to 4.
  • Bloodfiend’s manpower cost decreased from 300 to 280. Bounty decreased from 15 to 14.
  • Demon Lord’s manpower cost reduced from 420 to 400. Bounty decreased from 21 to 20.
  • Dire Wolf’s attack speed slightly increased.
  • Inquisitor’s starting armor increased from 3 to 5. Test of Faith duration increased from 4 to 5 seconds.
  • Cold arrows now deal 2 bonus damage on level 1. Bonus damage per level rescaled from 0/2/5/10/15 to 2/5/8/11/14.
  • Champion of Labilia’s Reflect Shield now deflects both Pierce and Magic range attacks. Deflect chance increased from 20% to 25%.
  • Geomancer’s gold cost increased from 205 to 245. Manpower cost increased from 240 to 260. Bounty increased from 12 to 13.
  • Slow’s attack speed penalty increased from 15/20/25/30/35 to 25/30/35/40/45, movement speed reduction increased from 25/30/35/40/45 to 35/40/45/50/55 . Cooldown increased from 1 second to 6 seconds (slow in BA has always been really underwhelming comparing to Ladder spell, which slow attack for 30% and movement for 60% with a 8 second cooldown).
  • Death Reaper’s starting armor increased from 3 to 5. Removed weapon effect to reduce possible lags.
  • Dark Priest’s maximum mana increased from 100 to 150. Life Drain manpower cost increased from 100 to 150.
  • Duration increased from 7 seconds to 40 seconds.
  • Tidal Lord’s maximum mana decreased from 200 to 100. Hit points reduced from 850 to 800.
  • Mana Shield: Mana per Hit Point increased from 2 to 4 (Now 1 Mana = 4 HP).
  • Fixed the bug with officer’s “Stop” ability giving +2 armor bonus to nearby units.
  • Changed hotkey and icon position for Charge and Stop abilities.
  • Fixed the bug with Ancient ent’s manpower being 400 instead of 380.
  • Fixed the bug with Rifleman’s tooltip showing wrong manpower.


  • KOTG’s Force of Nature unit amount increased from 2/3/2/3 to 2/3/3/4.
  • Forest Growth amount of Trees spawned increased from 2/4/6/8 to 3/6/9/12.
  • Crassus’ Mystic Frugality cooldown increased from 25 to 35 seconds.

Broken Alliances 4.4a-4.4b

  • Fixed the bug with Balkar not having any day time vision.
  • Fixed the bug with players getting defeated while still having a base.
  • Fixed the bug with Wisp being able to build towers from captured bases.
  • Fixed the bugs with Snappers and Tauren Druid manpower costs.
  • Removed one extra tower from Horsefields base spot.
  • Greater Spirit Wolf HP decreased from 575 to 525.
  • Spirit Wolf HP decreased from 525 to 500.
  • Wraith’s HP decreased from 300 to 275.
  • Banshee’s HP decreased from 350 to 325.
  • Added new ability “Shadow Bolt” to Skeletal Mages.
  • Rock Throw now stuns heroes for 0.1 second. Cooldown increased from 10 to 12 seconds.
  • Ent’s maximum mana decreased from 150 to 100.
  • Chain Healing cooldown increased from 26 to 40 seconds.
  • Fixed the bug with master warrior and ice troll berserkers morphed forms being affected by melee upgrades.
  • Fixed the bug with Brilliance aura working on Tower Builder.
  • Fixed the bug with unbuildable terrain.
  • Werewolf Alpha Male no longer loses hotkey group and last given order when turning into a beast.
  • Dark Priest’s Life Drain DPS increased from 50 to 70.

Broken Alliances 4.4


  • Burn gold rescaled from 150-400 to 200-350.
  • Reworked unit hotkeys to be QWER on all units. Reworked skill icon positions.
  • Divine Armor now takes 60% damage instead of 45% from Normal/Pierce/Magic/Siege types of damage.
  • Replaced temporary builders with a static building, towers can only be built in 1200 AoE from the captured base.
  • Necropolis reworked.
  • Undead buildings no longer produce blight around them.
  • Small terrain changes all over the map.
  • Ogremount base spot reworked.
  • Corrupted Forest, Horsefields, Icelock, Zulgash base spots slightly changed.
  • Removed 1 tower from Icelock. Changed Tower position at Tishlak spot.
  • Small changes to Tishlak base spot.
  • Ice Dragon’s Iceage no longer increase player’s “units spawned” score.
  • Rescaled gold costs for repairing (varied from 100 to 1400) and repairing speed (also varied a lot) for all bases.
  • Fixed hotkeys and icon positions for leveling abilities on dragons.
  • Reworked hotkeys for buildings and building upgrades.
  • Reworked hotkeys and icon positions for blacksmith and research center upgrades.
  • Reworked hotkeys for items at Supply Center.
  • Fixed the bug with Celen base upgrade working on towers.
  • Towers can damage buildings again (since players cannot attack their allies anymore).
  • Quests/Items:
  • Horn of Hilgar bonus damage decreased from 25% to 20%. Duration decreased from 45 to 40 seconds. Drop chance increased.
  • Essence of Restoration’s AoE decreased from 550 to 500.
  • Dragon stone removed from Centaur and Bandit quests.
  • Goblin Land Mines activation time increased from 5 seconds to 8 seconds. Invisibility transition time stays the same – 5 seconds.
  • Perks:
  • Removed Weaponsmith Perk.
  • Added 1 new perk.
  • Taxer’s bonus gold per base decreased from 7 to 6.
  • Forger bonus decreased from 40g/25w wood to 35g/20w.

Base upgrades:

  • Balkar and Erebus damage bonus reduced from 4 to 3.
  • Dark Spire book now gives  +7% HP to all units.
  • Inferno book now also increases the mana regeneration by 50%.
  • Hardak book no longer gives bonus HP.
  • Tishlak and Ogremount books changed.
  • Fixed the bug with Hillsbourough book not costing any wood.
  • Telen/Necropolis books manpower regeneration bonus decreased by 1/5.



  • Ancient Ent’s manpower cost reduced from 400 to 380. Bounty decreased from 20 to 19.


  • Advanced War Machine’s damage per upgrades increased from 2 to 4. Movement speed increased from 260 to 270.


  • Removed Gnoll Brute.


  • Removed Knight.


  • Centaur Impaler’s gold cost increased from 250 to 265.

Corrupted Forest:

  • Corrupted Ent’s manpower cost decreased from 400 to 380. Bounty decreased from 20 to 19.
  • Plague Treant’s HP increased from 775 to 800.


  • Skeleton Archer removed.

Dal Morte:

  • Necromaner’s HP decreased from 380 to 350. Mana regeneration slightly decreased. Raise Dead mana cost increased from 75 to 100. Cooldown increased from 8 to 15 seconds.
  • Death Knights basic damage increased by 2.
  • Banshee’s HP increased from 250 to 300.

Dark Spire:

  • Basic Vampire no longer has Creature of the Night ability.
  • Fixed the bug with Vampire Lords having night time bonuses when they are spawned during day time.Dotar:
  • Troll Witch Doctor now has Chain Healing ability.


  • Wraith’s HP increased from 300 to 350.

Gapbreak/ Tai Rocks:

  • Master Warrior’s attack range increased from 425 to 450.


  • Orc Savage’s  manpower cost reduced from 360 to 320. Bounty decreased from 18 to 16. Gold cost reduced from 355 to 330.
  • Orc Hunter gold cost reduced from 280 to 250. Manpower cost reduced from 260 to 240.


  • Razormane Hunter no longer has Evasion. Now has Lightly Armored ability. Attack range decreased from 500 to 425. Manpower cost increased from 220 to 260. Bounty increased from 11 to 13.


  • Doom Guards manpower cost decreased from 380 to 340. Bounty decreased from 19 to 17.


Trample bonus damage per upgrade increased from 3 to 4.


  • Bloodfiend’s armor increased from 4 to 5. HP increased from 825 to 860.
  • Overlords HP increased from 875 to 925. Attack range increased from 100 to 128.


  • Werewolf Alpha male no longer has Creature of the Night ability. Has a new ability Moon Hunger. Manpower cost increased from 340 to 360. Bounty increased from 17 to 18.
  • Fixed the bug with Werewolf Warriors having night time bonuses when they are spawned during day time.


  • Dwarven Rider base damage reduced by 4.

Mel Forth:

  • Scout of Mel Forth attack range decreased from 525 to 500.  Movement speed decreased from 360 to 340.


  • Knight of Milania gold cost decreased from 345 to 320. Attack range increased from 90 to 128.
  • Royal Archer’s HP increased from 400 to 450.


  • Spell Breaker’s base damage increased by 4.
  • High Priest of Nachloch no longer has Heal and Slow. Added new ability: Chain Healing.

River Run:

  • Removed Forest Wolf.
  • Forest Troll Shadow Priest no longer has Abolish magic.


  • Greater Spirit Wolves’ HP increased from 475 to 575.
  • Spirit Wolves’ HP increased from 400 to 525.

South Heaven:

  • Archcleric’s Angel Guidance healing increased from 1/50/100 to 50/75/100
  • Inquisitor’s Test of Faith duration increased from 3 to 4 seconds.

Springs of Aldun:

  • Dryad is no longer spell immune. Damage per upgrade increased from 3 to 5.
  • Ent’s Rock Throw no longer stuns heroes (still does damage to them). Damage increased from 50 to 75.

Tanuar Tribe:

  • Tuskarr Healer no longer has Abolish Magic. Gold cost increased from 180 to 230.


  • Spiderlings gold cost increased from  85 to 180. Manpower cost increased from 100 to 140 (fixed the bug with spiderlings cost 40 manpower)
  • Nerubian Spider Lord’s base armor decreased from 4 to 3.


  • Tauren Druid manpower cost reduced from 260 to 240. Bounty decreased fron 13 to 12. Attack speed greatly increased, damage per upgrade reduced from 6 to 5. Initial Mana increased.
  • Tauren HP increased from 900 to 930.
  • Black Tauren’s mana maximum increased from 120 to 125. Flame Shield’s mana cost decreased from 90 to 75


  • Telenian Grenadier’s manpower cost reduced from 280 to 260.

Temple of Tides:

  • Tidal Lord now has Corrosive Acid ability.
  • Tidal Lord’s Mana Shield activation no longer requires mana.
  • Snapper reworked.
  • Deepseers mana regeneration increased by 50%.


  • Orc Headhunter now has Ensnare. Gold cost increased from 220 to 245.
  • Ensnare’s duration on high level units increased from 3 to 6 seconds.
  • Fixed the bug Black Tauren having Damage Resistance ability instead of Lightly Armored.

Tog Lagog:

  • Chaos Assassin’s armor increased by  1.


  • Troll Warlord attack range decreased from 525 to 500.


  • Granite Golem’s manpower cost reduced from 280 to 260. Bounty decreased from 14 to 13. Gold cost decreased from 280 to 260.


  • Disciple of Zulgash and Disciple Wolf Rider no longer have critical strike.


  • All ships  except Goblin Cruiser now have fortified armor (making them extremely vulnerable to tanks).
  • Goblin juggernaut’s HP decreased from 750 to 650. Armor decreased from 5 to 2.
  • Goblin Cruiser’s HP decreased from 700 to 600.
  • Goblin Transport Ship’s  stock start delay decreased from 180 to 80 seconds.
  • Goblin Galleon now has a 30 minute starting cooldown. Changed position of the unit in the shop.
  • Fixed the bug with Treants being affected by range upgrades instead of melee.



  • Salvage Cry replaced with a new ability “Hardened Skin”.
  • Summon Quilbeast is now a ground targeting ability.
  • Stampede damage reduced from 10/15/20/25 to 10/14/18/22.


  • Indignation’s stun duration decreased on low level units from 3/4/5/6 to 2/3/4/5.

Tribal Chief:

  • Stomp’s duration on low level units decreased from 3/4/5/5 to 2/3/4/5. Damage increased from 25/50/75/100 to 30/60/90/120.
  • Ancestral spirit’s armor bonus on level  increased from 60 to 80.


  • Spirit of Vengeance summoning cooldown increased from 2 to 3 seconds.


  • Incinerate’s full explosion damage decreased from 40/60/80/100 to 20/40/60/80. Half damage decreased from 20/30/40/50 to 10/20/30/40.
  • Flame Strikes cooldown reduced from 24/26/28/30 to 24/25/26/27. Casting time reduced.
  • Meteor Storm cooldown decreased from 180/200 to 180/180 seconds. Damage from landing increased from 25 to 40.

Pandaren Brewmaster:

  • Drunken Rage duration decreased from 30 to 25 seconds. Cooldown decreased from 120/140 to 110/130 seconds.


  • Strength Per level reduced for all dragons from from 2-2.5 to 2.
  • Blue Dragon’s Freezing Breath reworked (no longer removes target’s last order).
  • Iceage reworked.


  • Bash is no longer included in tooltip’s DPS (Bounce, Splash and Cleave abilities are still included).
  • Changed description for all workers.
  • Changed description for research center upgrades.
  • Removed the tooltip info about bonus duration  for skeletons from Daktog’s and Dal Morte’s base upgrades.

Broken Alliances 4.3e - 4.3o


  • Changes to the rating system scripts.
  • Changed loading screen.
  • Terrain fixes.
  • Added 2ally mode for public games.
  • Fixed the bug with players being able to use –solo command in 6v6.
  • Temorary builders recieved from captured bases are no longer teleportable.
  • Regenerator perk healing reduced from 2% to 1%, returned the mana regeneration and increased it from 0.75 per second to 1 per second.
  • Fixed the bug with Spell Mastery upgrade not affecting Searring arrows.


  • Fixed the bug with upgrade Forest Guard tower having pierce damage instead of magic.
  • Guard tower’s pathing fixed.
  • Adjustments to Goblin Transport’s Load and Unload, making it more convenient to use.
  • Disease Center’s damage per second increased from 7 to 9.
  • Ray of Blight damage decreased from 30 to 25. No longer reduces the armor by 1.


  • Talos’ Electric Generator attack speed and attack damage slightly reduced. Unit classification changed to a “Ward”.
  • Ice Dragon’s Iceage cooldown increased from 60 seconds to 90.
  • Bronze Dragon’s Lightning Strike cooldown decreased from 190 seconds to 140.
  • Green Dragon’s Seedling duration on high lvl units increased from 30 seconds to 45.


  • Weakness tooltip fixed.
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